‎Patient Success Stories

“I called my daughter crying … I can hear! It gives you your life back. You feel like you’re a part of everything!”

“That’s the one big message. If you’re losing your hearing, get it checked every year. Make sure you’re with someone you can trust like Dr. Syms. Don’t just go to any hearing aid center. You’ve got to know you’re with someone on the cutting edge. “

~ Linda Gotcher, Phoenix, Arizona ~ Patient of Dr. Mark J. Syms

“Hearing loss always held me back, but not anymore. Now I’m a part of everything!”

“It’s a shame I waited so long to investigate [my hearing loss options]. If only I had treated it years back. I was a substitute teacher at the elementary school and … [hearing loss] always held me back from improving myself. You shut yourself out even to your friends and family. You just don’t feel like you’re a part of anything. I thought I’d have to die like this but then we found Arizona Hearing Center and it’s been remarkable to be able to hear like I do! I can hear someone in the next room. I couldn’t before. Now I’m a part of everything!”

Bonnie Grimm, Phoenix, Arizona ~ Patient of Dr. Mark J. Syms

“People thought I was shy!”

“I wanted improved hearing so I could socialize better and my husband wouldn’t yell at me because I had the TV on too loud. My hearing impairment caused me to be considered very shy. [People] thought I was introverted, and I’m really not! Rather than make a comment that didn’t pertain to the conversation, I would keep quiet. But now that I hear better, I’m all in! In restaurants and public settings, I feel much more comfortable. I would advise anyone that … you should get your hearing taken care of. Because it makes life easier for yourself and everybody else.”

Ginger Kuberra, Payson, Arizona ~ Patient of Dr. Mark J. Syms

“Wonderful … much more at ease socially!”

“Some of my close friends are my age, so they’re dealing with hearing loss as well, but it became clear that having to turn the volume up on the TV and other things really indicated that something serious was going on. Since I received the hearing aids, there’s been a remarkable improvement in my ability to hear. I feel much more at ease socially and able to participate much better. It’s been a wonderful breakthrough.”

Tom Haines, Phoenix, Arizona ~ Patient of Dr. Mark J. Syms

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