What Readers Are Saying About Listen Up! and Dr. Mark J. Syms


~ Hermann Moreno, MD

“I am honored to have known Dr. Syms for over 30 years. HIs identity comes across loud and clear in this highly accessible book. He is sincerely devoted to the welfare of his patients, the same way he was in the early days of our medical career. I was happy to read a book written by a friend and colleague, designed to help patients and their families navigate the sometime tricky adventure of accessing healthcare. I wish my father had been provided with this sort of bridging information so that his hearing aids would not have sat in a drawer for 15 years.”

~ Elizabeth, verified Amazon purchaser

“This is one of the most informative books on hearing loss and guidance for the patient journey that I have read. Dr. Syms is candid about the importance of treating hearing loss and provides information in an informative and unbiased way. Whether you are making your foray into treating your hearing loss, are an existing hearing aid wearer who wants better results or a loved one looking for solutions for friends and family, this book is for you. It is informational, witty, entertaining and full of valuable research-based information. It is refreshing to see a physician who is not only an incredible surgeon, but also so passionate about helping patients with every aspect of their hearing health that he took the time to write this book.”

~ Michael Holtel MD, FACS, Otolaryngology (ENT)

“In his typical honest straight forward approach, Dr. Mark Syms, provides the reasons why more people who are in need of hearing aids either don’t get them or once they get them don’t use them. By focusing on helping the patient address their hearing loss and not on simply providing them a device such a hearing aid or cochlear implant, he provides a patient focused stepwise plan to improving hearing. He reminds us of the underappreciated concurrent risks for dementia, anxiety and social withdrawal/depression. Dr. Syms presents us with a welcome approach that is often missing for those seeking help for their hearing difficulties. “


~ David Browne, verified Amazon purchaser

“Good hearing is priceless & can even deter dementia.  Dr. Syms is THE best guide to best hearing care.  Dr. Syms, “the Hearing Loss Physician,” does a powerful service to our world with this highly readable, short and practical guide.  LISTEN UP! empowers readers to take clear action, dramatically improving their quality of life by specifically guiding us to the best care for hearing loss.  Dr. Syms covers the full range of root causes of hearing issues while addressing all the major inhibitors that get in the way of the “80% of Americans who could benefit from hearing aids but don’t wear them.” From human inability to self diagnose hearing loss, to the economic factors that drive us to buy hearing aids “that end up sitting in the dresser drawer,” LISTEN UP! guides the reader on a prescriptive but compassionate journey to better hearing and a better life.

~ Gianna Bickson, verified Amazon purchaser

“What? After this book, my mom is going for a long overdue hearing work up!  I bought this for advice on hearing for my aging and increasingly frustrating parents.  My mom now has an appointment for her long denied hearing loss and after reading Dr. Syms’ book I feel prepeared to accompny her and get the best outcome.  Thank you, Dr. Syms!  What??”