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Dr. Mark J. Syms, M.D.

Dr. Mark J. Syms, M.D., is a national leader in hearing technology and one of the first physicians in the country to be board certified in neurotology. He specializes in otology/neurotology and leads Arizona Hearing Center, an organization dedicated to treating hearing loss. He describes himself as the “E” of “ENT”. With more than two decades of experience treating ear problems, he helps tens of thousands of people improve their quality of life. Dr. Syms is “The Hearing Loss Fix this textPhysician”. Dr. Syms lectures frequently on neurotology locally, nationally, and internationally, is an extensively published author, and is a member of numerous professional, health care and education organizations where he has held leadership positions. Dr. Syms is frequently asked by other physicians to consult on complex hearing cases.

Remove and Center “My Family Story VideDr. Syms was born and raised in Philadelphia. He lives in Arizona with his wife, Maria, and their three children, Matthew, Meredith and Marinna. In his free time, he enjoys movies, hiking, skiing, and spending time with his family and their standard poodle, Maizie. Dr. Syms graduated with honors from Boston College with degrees in biology and philosophy. He earned his medical degree from Jefferson Medical College and completed his ENT residency training at Tripler Regional Medical Center in Honolulu, Hawaii, where he treated and saved the lives of many of our heroic veterans. He did his fellowship training at the House Ear Clinic in Los Angeles, one of the world’s premier surgery organizations.

Why I Wrote This Book:
My Family Story

A Message from Dr. Syms
The Hearing Loss Physician

Dear Concerned Listener,

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about hearing loss. You are one step closer to effectively treating your hearing loss and improving your quality of life!

As a hearing loss physician with more than thirty years experience treating tens of thousands of patients, I know firsthand that better hearing means a better life. I also know how time consuming, frustrating and overwhelming it can be to find the right way to treat your hearing loss. Many patients lose hope after seeking treatment, only to find their hearing is no better off and in some instances, worse.

In this book, I show you the right way to go about effectively treating your hearing loss so you can end the struggle. Too often, patients get a “quick fix” that over-promises and under-delivers. More than one in four patients with hearing aids, for example, don’t use them. Here, I show you why that is and how we can do better.

You will discover exactly which questions to ask your providers so you can make an informed decision about choosing the right treatment option for you. My goal is for you to solve your hearing loss once and for all so you can remain independent, enjoy socializing, and connect better with family and friends — that is the fulfilling life you deserve.

So Listen Up! and let’s get started on your road to better hearing and a better life! Warm regards,

Dr. Mark J. Syms, the hearing loss physician


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